The new Online Delivery version for MTCNA comprises 10 online sessions of up to 120 minutes each followed by a one-day Classroom for content recap, labs and certification exam.

Each online session includes a content recap quiz plus router configuration assignment to complete prior to the next session.

You may choose to complete the Online Component only, and receive DuxTel issued Completion Certificate.

Certification Day classes will be scheduled independently in various capital and regional cities around Australia and Pacific Region - the Online Component is a prerequisite for attendance to the Certification Day classes.

The standard training pack is a downloadable set of training notes, software modules and sample routerOS setup script to load onto your own MikroTik router.  You may elect to receive the optional physical training pack delivered to your nominated address.

Please note that if you choose to decline the premium training pack option, you MUST provide your own MikroTik router with minimum 3 ethernet and 1 wireless interface! (hAPac-lite recommended)
Online Content Delivery Only
  • 18/06/2024 10:30-17:00
    Firm dates yet to be determined